About Education

We aim to advance the education of the public in matters relating to the welfare of equines in the prevention of cruelty and suffering among horses and ponies.  We aim to achieve this through educational talks relating to equine issues from ourselves and through a range of equine professionals e.g. Vets, lecturers from Duchy and Bicton College, equine behaviour specialists.

We are inclusive and work with all members of the public from the very young through our Happy Hooves Pony Club to older members of the community e.g. through our Purple Angel Dementia Awareness campaign.

More recently, we have begun to use our horses and ponies in equine assisted learning sessions which are of great benefit to improve individual’s wellbeing e.g. developing communication skills, self-confidence, relationships, responsibility, team work and a real sense of personal achievement.  In doing so, our relationship with horses is reciprocal, with humans helping horses and horses helping humans!

Schools & Outreach


If you’re looking for a fun and informative day out for you class, why not bring them to our Visitor Centre near Totnes?

Our knowledgeable, experienced education team – led by Dawn Neil – can meet your curriculum needs whilst making sure the pupils enjoy themselves, get hands on experience and learn.

We have a variety of workshops and activities available, and are happy to work with you to provide a day out that will meet all your requirements.

Browse our different activities for each key stage to see what we can clicking the links below:

School Visits

If you are interested in booking a school visit, please call our Head Office on 01626 355969 or email


As an alternative to your school visiting us we can bring an equestrian experience directly to you.  Our dedicated education team will bring suitable ponies and educational materials to cover various subjects.

For more information give our education team a call on 01626 355969 or email and we will be happy to help.

College and University Career Students

Working in partnership with Duchy and Bicton Colleges (now known collectively as Cornwall College) the Mare and Foal Sanctuary welcomes equine, animal and veterinary students for work experience at our five farms.

If you’re interested in studying at Bicton or Duchy to work with horses or ponies please click on the following links:

Information on work experience with the Sanctuary can be found under the “Ways to Help” section, which includes volunteering.



Please contact our education team directly for details on 01626 355969 or e-mail


Happy Hooves

A great morning for boys and girls