Visitor Centre

Dear supporters and visitors

We are very sorry to have to close the doors of our Coombe Park Visitor Centre near Littlehempston.  We love having you here, as do our rescued horses and ponies, and that’s why we will still be open for our programmed events, and by appointment if you are considering rehoming some of our equine friends.

The closure is due to ongoing refurbishment of the site (including our indoor riding arena and café) which has unfortunately limited what you can see and do during your time with us.

As we commenced the work, however, new issues arose that we are now working to address.  Firstly, we have had to bring in a specialist contractor to survey the condition of the bank, access to the stable yard along the top of the bank and American barn, which we suspected could be showing early signs of subsidence.

Groundwater monitoring wells have been installed in boreholes on the site and we’re pleased to say that much of the site stands on limestone bedrock. However, some parts of the current building are sited on ‘made ground’.

In the next couple of months, we will receive results back about how much water collects in these boreholes and how this is affecting the stability of parts of current buildings. We will then draw up plans for the remediation work needed and will know the investment required to carry out this work.

Thank you for understanding. If you were planning to visit, we can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about one of our events or make an appointment, please call us 01803 866615.

Thank you for understanding and we, the horses and ponies included, look forward to seeing you soon.

Opening Times:

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED



At the Visitor Centre you’ll find our adoption horses as well as many ready to be rehomed, alongside:

      • Large indoor and outdoor arenas
      • A café serving hot and cold snacks
      • Gift shop
      • Second hand tack shop

Parking is free and our staff will be only too happy to answer any questions.

Events for everyone

We hold a number of events at Coombe Park, including our Unaffiliated Show Jumping Series (see picture below), Family Horse and Dog Show and Midsummer Ride, and we rent the arena to local groups where possible. If you are able to help us at any of these events please register your interest here.



We have a range of horse competitions throughout the year including unaffiliated show jumping and dressage events as well as local riding club shows and dog agility.

We update our Facebook and news page regularly, please keep an eye for our latest events here >


Arena Hire

Our wonderful indoor and outdoor arenas are available to hire throughout the week. We have a large outdoor arena with a rubber surface and full size indoor arena with availability to use a full course of show jumps or dressage arena layout.

For more information and to book please contact us on 01803 866615


Other events / clinics

We hold several events throughout the year including pleasure rides around the local area, ladies lunches, seasonal events such as Easter egg hunts and special Christmas celebrations and clinics, talks increasing equine knowledge.

To find out more please visit our events page and view our Instagram for the latest pictures.

Important Information

We look forward to welcoming you and would kindly ask that you keep to the following:

      • No dogs allowed on the stable yard except for guide dogs.
      • No smoking.
      • Do not touch the horses unless a member of staff indicates it is safe to do so. Some of our horses have behavioural problems, some are wild – you won’t know which so please err on the side of caution.
      • All children must be supervised closely to ensure they and our horses are as safe as possible. All visitors must also be careful walking around behind horses as they can kick with no warning.
      • Please don’t litter. Not just because it means we have to pick it up, but a crisp packet can kill a horse if it gets caught in its windpipe or digestive system. Devon is beautiful, please help us to keep it that way.

Winter visits: Because we keep our horses in at night during the coldest months, there may not be any in the stables during the daytime – this is why we close our visitor centre for the season. If you’re interested in rehoming one of our horses please fill out a questionnaire and make an appointment first, and if you’re coming especially to see one horse always ring in advance to check they’re here.

Summer visits: It is worth mentioning that we turn some of our horses out into the fields at 3pm in the Summer, which means our Visitor Centre, tack shop and gift shops will close at 3pm.

Call 01803 866615 or Contact Us

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