“The relief when I heard there was a good chance that you could take him was overwhelming”

When Jacky lost her husband to Covid-19 and found herself suffering with long Covid, we were able to offer help and support over the phone and a loving home to her beautiful Spanish gelding Xantus.

This was our first Covid related rescue.

We provided advice and support to 164 owners last year. This resulted in positive welfare outcomes for many horses and ponies who needed our help. Read more.


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Expert advice for owners with needle-shy horses

We are launching another Confident Horse webinar on 8th December. This time our expert team will be looking at how to help a horse or pony with […]

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Ingra’s farrier training

On arrival Ingra was incredibly nervous. She would avoid all contact with our grooms and kept her distance. Once she had given birth and weaned her […]

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Life changing surgeries for Foxy Loxy and Murphy

Our dedicated veterinary team have performed life changing surgery to many of our horses and ponies this year at Beech Trees, our veterinary and welfare centre. […]

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