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February 21, 2020
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March 13, 2020
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A happy life with us

Not every pony can be rehabilitated to the point where they can move to a new home. Some animals are so traumatised by their past they need specialist training and care for life. More specifically, they need the ongoing love of our dedicated grooms.

Zahlee, a 12.3hh, 17-year-old black Dartmoor hill pony mare, came into our care on 14 May 2014, having been abandoned at a livery that was unable to cope with her. Five years later she continues to display extreme behaviour, and has a serious skin condition that further affects her mood. She has good days and bad days, and on her worst days she gets very nervous and unpredictable when grooms try to put a rug on her. We keep an ongoing diary of her behaviour.

Zahlee likes going for walks around the lanes and is most calm and happy in the company of her groom, Amber. At the moment only certain grooms are allowed to approach her, specifically ones  she knows well who have bonded with her.

Because of her behavioural issues, Zahlee will remain with us here at Honeysuckle, where we can give  her all the love, care and patience she needs to live the best life possible.