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Beech Trees


We’re delighted to announce the first operations have been carried out at our new Beech Trees Veterinary and Welfare Centre – now up and running thanks to your donations.

We’re so proud of the £850,000 facility, which will transform the way we care for all our horses, ponies and foals.

So far several castrations and arthroscopies – using a camera to examine, re-shape and remove excess bone from arthritic joints – have been carried out, with the Sanctuary’s resident vet Richard Frost acting as anaesthetist.

He said: “This centre is helping us deal with a much wider variety of medical issues and it has removed much of the need to travel to specialist treatment centres, with many specialists now coming to us to treat the animals.

“They can sometimes be a long drive away, which could prove a risk for feral animals and poorly foals, ponies or horses.”

The centre has also proved invaluable in tackling a recent Strangles outbreak with 10 bespoke quarantine stables available to prevent the spread of the highly infectious respiratory disease.

Each stable has its own equipment, including wheelbarrows, pitchforks, buckets and hay nets to prevent cross-contamination.

The boxes have reinforced, sealed glass windows to allow the horses to see their neighbours, reducing stress levels in the sociable herd animals.

And our new operating theatre has been kitted out with equipment thanks to your donations and help from the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust and the Petplan Charitable Trust.


The site was originally brought in 2012, with the plans finally approved in 2014. Construction began in 2015 and the centre was opened last Summer.

Beech Trees 1

Mike and Josh from MJR Construction with Sanctuary executive directors Syra Bowden and Simon Avery at Beech Trees when the work began in May 2015

Watch this space for more pictures and updates on our progress.