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Upcott Park

Upcott visit Oct01 (4)

Upcott Park is our newest site, bought in October 2014. It is located in Cookbury near Holsworthy and has 130 acres, enabling us to facilitate 90 horses in larger herds. This site will not be open to the public.

It is still in the very early stages and we need to raise much more money before we can get it to capacity, but the farm will run on a more natural scale than our existing sites, with horses living out 24 hours a day. Our patron, John Nettles, helped us celebrate our new farm on October 1st.

Upcott visit Oct01 (14)

Upcott visit Oct01 (1)

We were delighted to welcome the first horses to the site in December 2014 – Sky and Mesha (pictured), Chai, Jenga and Galaxy. Watch this space for updates and more pictures of our progress.


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