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Adopt one of our rescued horses or ponies today and help horses in need have a happy and healthy life.

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Sir Didymus

Sir Didymus

Miniature Shetland Sir Didymus is our smallest adoption pony, and one of the smallest in the whole Sanctuary. He arrived in the Sanctuary after he and Ludo were abandoned. 



Ludo’s start in life was incredibly tough – he and Sir Didymus were found abandoned four years ago. Ludo was emaciated and had engine oil poured all over his head, back and shoulders.



When Geronimo arrived in 2018, his left eye had been left unchecked for a long time. Our vets advised that he needed to have it removed as soon as possible.

What goes in your pack

When you adopt a horse with The Mare and Foal Sanctuary you will receive: a welcome letter, certificate, fact sheet about your chosen pony, letter from the groom, A5 photo, bookmark and your choice of either a tote bag or rosette as a free gift. If you are buying your adoption as a gift for somebody else, you can also include a personalised message.  

Updates are available throughout the year and you can talk to other adopters and get weekly updates on our exclusive Facebook group. 

How your adoption helps the Sanctuary

By adopting, your donation is helping towards our most essential costs and enables us to continue providing expert levels of care to ponies in need.   

 As an animal welfare charity, our costs are high as we care for over 200 horses and ponies across our six sanctuaries. Many of our horses and ponies are found underweight or overweight, or traumatised and vulnerable. Grooms work hard every day to rehabilitate each horse and provide them with the care they need. This might include additional visits and check-ups from our vet, extra supplements and nutritional feed, and costly surgeries. Rehabilitation journeys may take much longer for a rescue pony, but we will always be there to provide them with a sanctuary for life.  

By adopting one of our five horses and ponies today, you are helping us make sure that equines in need have a safe and loving home for life 

Past Adoption Ponies

Over the years, we have had many horses and ponies available for adoption. These ponies have since gone on to be rehomed,  have become part of our Education and Therapy programmes or have sadly passed away. We wanted to honour these ponies, who were not just apart of our lives but a part of yours too, through the adoption scheme.