Colour: Piebald
Breed: Cob Cross
Height: 12hh
Age: 5 years old
Type: Gelding
Years at the Sanctuary: 4


Ludo’s start in life was incredibly tough – he and Sir Didymus were found abandoned four years ago. Ludo was emaciated and had engine oil poured all over his head, back and shoulders. It was so ingrained that the team couldn’t clean it off and ended up having to clip all of his fur.  

However, Ludo is now thriving here at the Sanctuary. He is curious and loves to learn; his favourite activity is doing agility in our arena. 

By adopting Ludo today, you will be gaining a new friend as well as helping the Mare and Foal Sanctuary do what it does best – rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses and ponies in need.