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November 3, 2003
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November 4, 2003
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Gift Aid

Help us make the most of your support

In 2000, the Government introduced a number of tax breaks meaning that all
charities and their supporters can benefit from tax relief on charitable donations.
If you are a UK taxpayer, you can help us make the most of your funding by
considering the way that you support us.

Gift Aid – Turn your £1 into £1.28
For every £1 you give The Mare & Foal Sanctuary through Gift Aid,
we can claim an extra 28p from the Inland Revenue to spend on vital work –
at no extra cost to you.

Gift Aid simply allows us to reclaim the basic rate of income tax on donations
you have made since April 2000. For example, if you are a UK taxpayer and
want Gift Aid to apply to a £10 donation, it would mean an extra £2.80
for us. If all our members used Gift Aid, we would benefit from an extra £150,000
each year! Furthermore, supporters who pay higher rate tax are eligible to
claim tax relief of 23p back from every £1 donated in this way. So,
help us make your donations go even further and click here
to support us through Gift Aid.

Payroll Giving – Costing you less to give more
If you give to us through your payroll, the donation is taken off your salary
before you’re taxed, so the amount of income tax you pay each month is
reduced. Furthermore, The Mare & Foal Sanctuary will receive a 10% top-up
from the Government from all Payroll Giving donations. Therefore, if you’re
a standard rate taxpayer and you give £10 a month from your payroll,
it will only cost you £7.80 (or £6 for a higher rate taxpayer),
and yet we receive £11. All you have to do is ask your employer about
Payroll Giving.

Share Giving – Gifts of Shares can help us help you
If you give listed shares to us, you will qualify for income tax relief. For
example, if you’re a standard rate taxpayer and you donate £1,000
of shares, you would get £220 knocked off your income tax bill (or £400
if you’re a higher rate taxpayer). On top of that, you won’t be
liable for tax on any capital gains.

Please consider donating shares to The Mare & Foal Sanctuary and you
can reduce your tax bill as you help to save our mares and foals.

If you want to find out more about tax-effective giving, visit,
call The Giving Campaign on 020 7930 3154.

Make your donation!