One of my Dreams…

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July 29, 2004
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December 13, 2004
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One of my Dreams…

Just before the sun is setting
A time, when it is, romantically grand
I ride my Beautiful White Stallion
Along the silver sand.It helps unfold my Passion
That was once, open and wide
Like, racing along the edge….
Of an oncoming tide.

Love has always evaded me
Call it, Kismet, Fate, .. also
Destiny, all have had their play with me…
But … I hold no hate.

I have a tender heart always
Yet it grows wild and wide
As I race along the sands,….
On the edge, of an oncoming tide.

My stallion is a beauty ….
Knows just how I feel, …. For
We both know, at the slow,
setting of the sun.
It’s time to gallop, and release in fun,
Passion, as beautiful as, the setting sun

Lily M Price