Letter from Midge’s carers

Letter from Moonstone’s carer
June 8, 2006
Letter from Kystar’s carer
June 16, 2006
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Letter from Midge’s carers

A nice letter from the carers of Midge

Dear all at the sanctuary,

My new home is great! I have had the last 12 months chilling and
getting used to my new pets. Everyday when I hear the engine of the car
I look up and whinnie to greet my pet. The winter was a long one this
year, but I knew my pets would be up everyday and I would be brought in
to a nice warm, snuggly bed with my new fleece rug or stable rug.
Everyday my pets would turn me out with my new outdoor rug so I could go
play with my friends, Kystar, C.J 1 and C.J 2, Freckles, Lordie and Poppy. As the weather improved my pet started to do weird things to me.
Putting cold metal things in my mouth and some strange thing on my back
and around my tummy, but because I love my pet I stood still and did
everything I was told. Then my small pet, Stephanie sat on my back. She
was really nervous I could tell, so I tried my hardest not to do
anything naughty. When big pet Kate asked me to trot, I did, but there
was a horrible squeaking noise and it scared me so I shot forward, but
neither pet told me off, told me it would be ok and the noise was just
Steph’s rubber boots on my saddle.

After that riding in the school is easy, but today my pets had
something different planned. I went for my first hack. I was so excited
but again my pets kept me calm and I was so well behaved I even got
polos when we got back to the yard. I was really nosy too.. Lots of
things jumping out of the hedges to eat me and those cars are a pain in
the bum sometimes, but it all it was great. In fact I was better behaved
than C.J 1, he hates walking and that’s all my pets wanted me to do.
Kate was walking beside me today but I heard them talking about me and
how I am going to go out with C.J 2 and be on a lead rope from him.

I am really excited and will keep you updated in how my training goes.
I am very upset to hear that Kystar is moving back to the sanctuary, he
is my best friend, but my pet Steph, her legs just keep growing and she
needs to start riding me more too. Ky is a lovely friend and we always
played together and groomed each other. I hope he is happy and finds a
new set of pets that will spoil him rotten like our pets have this last

Speak to you all again soon

Lots of love

Smidge / Midge