Letter from Kystar’s carer

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June 12, 2006
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July 6, 2006
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Letter from Kystar’s carer

This time, a letter received from a carer who is returning Kystar.

I thought of something different to do this weekend to allow the girls
to say their goodbyes to Ky and for them all to have fun together one
last time. The answer, THE BEACH. We loaded Ky and my Cracker up this
morning and headed toward Mothercombe. The weather ideal, warm enough
but cloudy so that kept the sun bathers out of harms way!! The girls
and Ky loved every minute of it. I walked Ky into the sea and a wave
came and washed over the pair of us, didn’t we look like soggy rats. He
even had a proper swim. Then the girls all had their picnic, which of course Ky had to share
with them, before having some fun on the sand and some pony races. All
in all the day has been perfect. Many tears as the girls said their
goodbyes however!! It is a day that will stay in all our minds for a
long time. They even had made him a farewell horse cake for his dinner
tonight, which he loved and ate faster than I have ever seen a pony eat!!

See you on Tuesday

Kystar’s carer