They are the wonders of the wind,
wild and yet willing,
the subdued breeze,
the stampede so thrilling…

what vein they all share,
the beauty of a beast in flow,
steadfast and of speed,
our veneration’s to grow.

So, we gather history’s horses,
celebrated and unsung
Red Rum winning,
bursting a lung,
the pit nag stoical,
the mustang manic,
Alexader’s Bucephalus,
it’s modified panic.
What for Copenhagen’s stamina,
the Duke of Wellington’s strength,
Odin’s eight legged sleipnir,
that ever cut a length,
Turpin’s resilient…..
Black Bess of a bolt,
the shire that ploughs,
the ready eager colt?
For they are the bearers,
of power, pace and grace,

a truly unique race.

By Andrew Gruberski