They’re now available…Our new Adoption Packages

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August 2, 2017
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August 3, 2017
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They’re now available…Our new Adoption Packages

They’re here…

We’ve launched our new Adoption Packages offering a new way to get involved with our

beautiful horses and ponies.

Adopting a Sanctuary horse makes the perfect gift and it’s a brilliant way for you to help us look after all the animals

in our care.

And now we have a brand new welcome pack including loads of great stuff about your chosen

horse – in fact, it’s jam packed with pony paraphernalia.

There’s a personalised adoption certificate, a profile of your chosen four-legged friend, picture cards and fridge

magnets. There’s also the chance to visit your pony or horse in person at the Sanctuary’s Coombe Park Visitor

Centre near Totnes.

Plus some great new photographs of our five beautiful adoption horses that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with.

There’s Kavaner – by far the largest horse at the Sanctuary. This magnificent and powerful Shire is a real

gentle giant, who adores lots of love and attention. He’s a real sweetheart.

Then there’s the tiny pony at the other end of the height chart. Little Sir Didymus really defines the old

saying “good things come in small packages”. He’s cheeky, confident and full of life – and we wouldn’t

be without this adorable Shetland.

Youngster Ludo had a pretty tough start in life. But now he’s really thriving and has proved to be a

really quick learner. He loves agility training and spending time with his best bud Didy.

Sweet-natured Dipsybell is one of the friendliest little Shetties you’re ever likely to meet. She likes

to be kept busy and loves getting out and about doing good deeds, from appearing at our Open

Days, to meeting children with learning difficulties and visiting Residential Homes.

Last, but my no means least, is the wonderful William. He really is one of our greatest success stories.

He came to us weak and scared but he’s now one of the most relaxed, friendly and happy ponies you’re

ever likely to meet.

Adopting a horse or pony costs just £18 a year – that works out at around 5p a day. And don’t

worry if you’re having a hard time trying to choose your favourite.

You can adopt extra horses for £4.50 each or all five horses for just £36 a year.

For all the details on where you can get your new Adoption Packs visit the Ways to Help section.