Learning to talk Horse

Join us on Friday, October 20th for a demo on understanding your horse’s behaviour, confidence building and problem solving.

Through a combination of theory and practical demonstrations, learn how your horse communicates and how to use this information to help build his confidence and overcome his fears.

Anna Saillet BSc (Hons) is a qualified Equine Behaviour specialist who offers consultations and rehabilitation training throughout the South West.

Maisie Wake (NAREMT) is a qualified Equine Massage Therapist with a firm foundation in Equine Behaviour.

We’d love to see you and we’re sure Anna and Maisie will be able to help.

Problems the duo have dealt with in the past include weaving, crib biting, box walking, wind sucking, fence walking, separation anxiety, handling and riding problems.

If you need help with your horse or pony tickets cost £10 and are available on 01803 866615.