Brave little Aura makes our day

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February 15, 2019
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March 21, 2019
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Brave little Aura makes our day


Some horses come to the Sanctuary having suffered the most terrible trauma. So, seeing them complete even the most basic tasks makes ​our day​.

Aura was young and emaciated when she arrived, after being cruelly abandoned on Bodmin moor by someone who saw it as an easy dumping ground.

She was not equipped to deal with the harsh weather conditions and when she was found alone and totally dejected she was so traumatised she would urinate every time ​she was ​​approached.

She would not make eye contact and shot to the back of her stable at the slightest noise. And it was unclear whether she would ever trust again.

But now look.

mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-aura-loading-lucy-jewell   mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-aura-loading-lucy-jewell

Following nearly six years of gentle handling, kindness and compassion – she has turned a corner and managed something no one thought she would.

She loaded on to a lorry!

mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-aura-loading-lucy-jewell   mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-aura-loading-lucy-jewell

A few weeks ago she would shake at the very sight of it.

​It may look like a very small step…but for Aura and her dedicated groom Lucy Jewell it’s an amazing leap forward.