Dartmoor Pony Sales

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September 14, 2011
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October 3, 2011
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Dartmoor Pony Sales

If you are thinking of buying a Dartmoor Pony at the sales, do be aware that they are wild and require specialist handling and training. The apparent low price is only a fraction of what you will need to pay so do consider exactly what you want, need and can care for responsibly before going, so you don’t make any unfortunate mistakes on the day!

Please contact us if you wish any further information about the sale of the moorland ponies.

Anyone buying wild foals needs to ensure that they have a safe place to keep them. Electric wire does not hold them in – they have never seen it before and can get tangled up in it causing great pain and distress.

They are used to drinking water from streams – so use low bowls – buckets are soon kicked over. NEVER buy a young foal on its own. Their herd instinct is strong and a foal kept alone will suffer, some have died from the stress. They will be extremely stressed and may just have been taken from their mothers.

Never worm them right away – give them a few days for the adrenilin levels to go down – it can interact with the wormers – moorland foals have died from over worming or suffered internal damage. Best use a mild wormer to start with like five-day wormers.

Please don’t buy them to give to us. Our resources will be stretched and we will appreciate any donations to help us care for those that will undoubtedly come into our sanctuary after the sales.

Of course, don’t forget that we loan many of our horses and ponies that have already been handled. We don’t charge for rehoming our horses and ponies so if you are able to take a pony please do consider our own horses that are waiting to go out to new homes.