Learning Zone

Cheston Feb 19

Here at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary we have a dedicated education team who raise awareness of equine issues and inform others about the welfare of horses, ponies and foals.

We provide informative talks at both our Visitor Centre and on external visits, creating bespoke packages tailored to the audience we’re meeting. Some of the things we will discuss are how to understand horse moods and behaviour, as well as safety around equines and how to care for a horse.

You’ll find us spreading our message:

  • in schools, retirement homes and other organisations giving talks and presentations, sometimes with a horse or pony
  • at various shows, festivals and fetes around the South West
  • at our Visitor Centre, which is free to enter, open to the public every from Easter to end October and offers guided tours (large groups by appointment)


For more information or to book us for a talk or visit, please call our education manager Sally Page on 01626 355969 or email [email protected]

On top of this we are keen to inform people about the current equine crisis – which has seen a huge increase in the number of horses abandoned and neglected in England and Wales. Indiscriminate breeding is exacerbating the problem and we, like many other sanctuaries and rescue centres, are full to bursting trying to help as many horses as we can. The more public awareness we can create, the more horses we have the chance of saving.

Our education manager Sally researches into all aspects of horse welfare – from problems faced by Dartmoor hill ponies to dealing with the equine crisis. We want to raise public awareness of these issues as much as possible, so feel free to read her blog below.