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If you’re looking for a fun and informative day out for you class, why not bring them to our Visitor Centre near Totnes?

Our knowledgeable, experienced education team – led by Dawn Neil – can meet your curriculum needs whilst making sure the pupils enjoy themselves, get hands on experience and learn.

We have a variety of workshops and activities available, and are happy to work with you to provide a day out that will meet all your requirements.

Browse our different activities for each key stage to see what we can clicking the links below:

School Visits

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two – year 3 and 4

Key Stage Two – year 5 and 6

Key Stage Three and Four


As an alternative to your school visiting us we can bring an equestrian experience directly to you.  Our dedicated education team will bring suitable ponies and educational materials to cover various subjects. Our educational mini workshops and fun days are linked to the Key stages of the National Curriculum to enhance learning experiences.

Outreach Programme – Key Stage1

For more information give our education team a call on 01626 355969 and we will be happy to help.

College and University Career Students

Working in partnership with Duchy and Bicton Colleges (now known collectively as Cornwall College) the Mare and Foal Sanctuary welcomes equine, animal and veterinary students for work experience at our five farms.

If you’re interested in studying at Bicton or Duchy to work with horses or ponies please click on the following links:

Information on work experience with the Sanctuary can be found under the “Ways to Help” section, which includes volunteering.


Scouts, Brownies and Guides


We can offer fun days which will help your groups to complete relevant achievement badges. Read on for examples of what we can offer.

Alternatively give our friendly education team a call on 01626 355969 or e-mail and we’ll be happy to help.


  • Animal Friend – Activity Badge

How to care for an animal

Tell others about the animal

Animal needs – food, habitat – space- exercise – sleeping area


  • Animal Carer Activity.

 Part one

The Cub will have looked after an animal for three months

Given correct food and learnt about common illness

Part Two

They are invited to visit a Zoo, Wildlife Park, Animal Sanctuary or Rescue Centre

Find out about the animals – What are their feeding habits, natural habitats.

  • Equestrian Activity Badge

Dress safely for riding

Points of pony/horse

Parts of tack

Approach a horse correctly

(We are unable to help with the ridden but could demonstrate the following)

Mount/Dismount – Correct position – Holding reins – Walk and Trot


  • Equestrian Activity Badge

Catch a pony from field or stable

Tack up


Tack clean

Basic Health issues – worms – laminitis

Grass Management – poisonous plants

Safety for riding.

How a Visit to the Sanctuary could meet this criteria

  • Tour of Yard and Stables
  • Look at Feed shed – see feed board – explain rations of feed for size,age, work etc
  • Compare the method of keeping horses in stables and in fields – observe horses in natural environment.  Talk about basic field management, worms, water, shelter.  Importance of looking out for poisonous plants
  • Daily routine
  • What has to be done on a daily basis ?
  • Mucking out – practical opportunity to try mucking out
  • Grooming – learn which brushes to use and how to groom a pony correctly
  • Cleaning tack. – Be able to name the parts of the bridle and clean tack.
  • Observe tacking up of a horse and understand the need for tack to be clean and fit properly.
  • Health care and condition – is this horse healthy.  Look at a healthy horse.  Know what to look for.  How we keep horses healthy.
  • Dress up a rider and a horse with safety equipment – know what we should wear on the roads to keep safe.



Adult Education

Please contact our education team directly for details on 01626 355969 or e-mail


Happy Hooves

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