For each foal rescued or born at the Sanctuary, we need to be around for the next 30 years to provide them with the expert care and training they need, as well as a safe home for life.

We’re looking back at some of our foals through the years who have faced complex rescues or life-threatening births and updating you on their training and rehabilitation.

Your support is needed now to help us be there for the next 30 years or more and ensure we can continue providing sanctuary for life.

Seven years of specialist care for Breeze

Breeze was found suckling from mare to mare after being rejected by his mother and arrived within hours of his birth in 2013.  He had become gravely ill and we provided life-saving care.

Seven years on and Breeze has progressed with his handling after requiring rehabilitation from his past trauma.


Seven years of specialist care for Jumanji

Jumanji arrived in the Sanctuary as a three-month old foal at foot.

Her dam Jenga was among a group of 25 horses callously abandoned in South Wales. Most of the horses had parasite burdens and several had to be put to sleep due to the extent of their neglect.

Seven years on, Jumanji is now at our Coombe Park Sanctuary and having completed a successful course of treatment for sarcoids, she has been used for some in hand work and grooming in our Education and Therapy programmes.

Jenga and Jumanji on arrival

Four years of specialist care for Arya

Arya was rescued in 2016 after we were alerted by a member of the public that a week-old foal had been found alone on Dartmoor. With no sign of her dam we were worried that Arya wouldn’t survive on her own.

She was quickly brought to the Sanctuary where she was given round the clock care.

Four years on, Arya is doing well and is in training for our rehoming scheme where she will go out on loan to a knowledgeable carer.

Arya at Upcott

Two years of specialist care for Diangelo

Diangelo’s dam had health problems when she arrived in foal at the Sanctuary in 2018.

She was monitored 24 hours a day in our foaling stables and grooms slept in an adjacent room so that they could provide emergency care if necessary.

Thanks to the dedication of the experienced grooms, both mares gave birth to healthy young colts, Diangelo and Mason.

After two years of care, Diangelo now stands at 16hh.

Diangelo now 16hh

One year of specialist care for River

On a small holding on the edge of Bodmin, a herd of ponies had grown out of control, leading to an extremely dangerous situation. Stallions were running wild and young colts were attacking other ponies. The panicking mares were terrified and trying to protect their foals as best they could.

Numbers had grown too great and the horses and ponies were battling for space and food resources. Tragically, a foal had already died in the chaotic conditions.

Ruby herself was pregnant and, standing at only 9.1hh, she was one of the many vulnerable mares of the pack. She also already had a foal, Logan, at foot.  Ruby then gave birth in the Sanctuary to foal River.

One year on, River has excelled with his training and has recently gone out on loan to a knowledgeable carer, alongside Moonflower.

River and Ruby

One year of specialist care for Icon

Icon arrived at the Sanctuary alongside his dam, Ice in 2019.

They were among 100 other horses and ponies that were part of a multi-organisation rescue with the RSPCA, in which we took in 11 ponies in desperate need.

Despite our experience in dealing with complex health cases Ice’s neglect was extensive and her condition wasn’t going to improve and we had to do the kindest thing we could – put her to sleep. Icon spent his first Christmas at the Sanctuary as an orphan. 

One year on, Icon has progressed well with his training and lives at our Upcott Sanctuary alongside Vagabond.


One year of specialist care for Ava

Orphan foal Ava was found terrified on Dartmoor at only a few weeks old in 2019. Her dam had died out on the moor, leaving Ava completely alone. Something had to be done quickly, as Ava had multiple health issues, such as pneumonia, stomach and liver problems.  She needed our specialist care.

One year on, Ava has recently been assessed in the hope that she will be ready to go out on loan to a knowledgeable carer.


The next 30 years of specialist care for Teyah

This year we reached a historic milestone with the arrival of Teyah, our 1000th rescue since our charity was founded by Rosemary Kind in 1988.

The filly foal was born at our Honeysuckle Sanctuary in April this year but developed a life-threatening condition.  Our expert staff were quick to act, giving emergency veterinary care.

Her dam Fuzzy Bear arrived with two other pregnant mares, Lotte and Taylor, having been relinquished as part of a multi-agency rescue led by the RSPCA, which resulted in a prosecution for causing unnecessary suffering to animals. Lotte and Taylor gave birth to healthy foals Lio and Tulip.

However, Fuzzy Bear’s foal quickly started to show the early signs of colic; tail swishing, being restless and agitated so we rushed her to the team at Western Counties Equine Hospital where she stayed for five days of intensive care.

Teyah is doing well now, but only thanks to the lifesaving treatment she received in our care and with the help of the veterinary teams.

For the next 30 years or more, Teyah will have the protection of the Sanctuary.

We are asking for your support of £30 to help us for the next 30 years.