Want to take on a challenge in aid of helping horses and ponies in need?

Use our A-Z of fundraising ideas to get your started. From bake sales to bungee jumps there is something for everyone!


Abseil down a cliff, building or bridge but remember – don’t look down!

Bake sale

Ready, set, BAKE! Host your very own bake sale using our handy bake-sale pack which includes everything you need to make cakes to remember.

Bungee jump

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Just make sure you’ve got lots of sponsors before you make that leap.

Coffee morning

Put the kettle on and gather your friends for a cuppa and a slice of cake.

Dinner party

Host a series of Come Dine with Me-style dinner parties and see who’s the best chef.


Unwanted Christmas presents, clothes or antiques? Auction off your unwanted items and share the profits.

Fancy dress

Find the silliest outfit and wear it with pride! Get your family, friends and colleagues involved, too.

Guess the weight

Fill a jar with as many sweets as you can and get people to pay £1 to guess the weight. The winner gets to keep the sweets.

Horseshoe throwing

Who can throw the farthest? Test your skills with family and friends.

International food night

Prepare a feast with international dishes and get your friends to pay £1 to taste their way around the world.

John O’ Groats to Land’s End

Test your fitness by taking on this ultimate challenge. Cycle from the top to the bottom of Britain for the mares and foals.


Knit a herd of horses following our simple knitting pattern and sell them at a table-top sale.

Ladies who lunch

Dress up in your finest outfits – hats optional – and gather your friends for a meal in aid of charity.


Walk, run or jog 26.2 miles.

Non-uniform day

Get the whole school involved by encouraging them to ditch uniform for a day, or get your office colleagues involved with a dress-down Friday.

Office fundraising

Get the whole office involved and hold a fundraising day together.

Pony parade

Belong to a pony club? Get everyone involved in a pony parade with prizes for the best turned-out pony.

Quiz night

Host your own quiz night. Try some tricky horse trivia questions.


Gather some donated prizes or unwanted presents and sell raffle tickets.

Sponsored silence

Know some chatterboxes? Silence them for an hour or five with a sponsored event.


Mum v Dad, Scouts v Guides or you v your boss. Take on a tug-of-war and see who comes out on top.

Underwear as outerwear

Dare to bare all by wearing your underwear on top of your clothes for a whole day. There’s safety in numbers – maybe your whole crew could get involved.

Variety show

You’re a talented bunch so why not sing, dance or juggle at a charity variety show? Or host a talent competition.


Put your pain threshold to the test by waxing your legs or chest. Not for the faint-hearted!

Xbox tournament

Gather the gamers for an Xbox tournament of winner-stays-in. Pay a fee to enter and beat off the competition to become the ultimate gaming champion.

Year without

A sponsored event for the long-term. Decide what you would struggle to do without for a whole year – smoking, drinking, tea, chocolate? – and resolve to do without it for a whole year. Then watch the sponsorship roll in.


Glide through the air on a dare-devil zip-wire.