GDPR Statement

April 2, 2018
April 12, 2018
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GDPR Statement

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The Mare & Foal Sanctuary is a Charity operating in England and Wales that exists “To rescue and provide care for and prevent cruelty and suffering among horses and ponies in need of attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, ill-usage or other like causes and to provide temporary or permanent homes for such horses and ponies; and to advance the education of the public in matters relating to the welfare of horses and ponies and the prevention of cruelty and suffering.”

To achieve these objectives, we rely upon members of the public donating money. At the present time, most of that income is obtained through contacting people using personally addressed mail with informative and educational material that inspires them to give to our cause.

To prepare for GDPR compliance, the Sanctuary followed advice from the ICO and the Fundraising Regulator, along with that from the Institute of Fundraising, Kairos Fundraising and others including a working group comprising of the leading Equine Charities.

The Sanctuary assembled a meeting on Friday 21st July, 2017 comprising senior staff of the Sanctuary and professional advisors. Trustees were kept informed throughout the process and approved the result. We used the best sources of information to guide this meeting. This included legitimacy, necessity and a balancing test to ensure the legal rights and freedoms of the Supporter were not compromised.

We considered key points such as:

  • Do we think our supporters like receiving information from us?
    Our evidence is based on a strong performance in response rates and average gift donations, combined with many very positive communications from supporters who sought further information and approved of the work that we do.
    Further, for the previous two years we had asked our supporters if they were happy with the rate and style of our contacts and how we explained how we spent their donations. These results again showed extremely positive results. We have always provided easy opt-out mechanisms and always acted promptly upon them.
    We concluded that our active supporters wanted us to continue keeping them informed about the work of the Sanctuary, but where any wish us to change or stop communication, we would continue to promptly and ethically action such requests.
  • Do we think the Sanctuary has a Legitimate Interest in continuing to contact our supporters, and is it necessary for us to continue?
    Without our supporters and the money raised through Direct Mail fundraising, the Charity would be unable to fulfil its objectives. Further, it would be unlikely that we could continue to provide care for the over hundreds of horses that we currently care for.

A vote was held and a decision achieved in favour of Legitimate Interest as opposed to “Opt In”

As required by GDPR, we have updated our processes and systems to ensure full compliance by May 25th, 2018. We have internally reviewed other GDPR aspects regarding Data handling and have made changes for compliance.

We have explained this decision to our Supporters and what it means for them, and that they continue to have the right to ask us to stop communication at any time.

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary prides itself on valuing its Supporters and will always do what it can to respect them. Without their kindness, we would not be able to help horses and ponies in need.

Our Supporter team can be contacted at or 01626 882660

Simon Avery, Managing Director. April 2018