We discovered poor Inula had been shot in the hoof with an air gun.

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Inula came to the Sanctuary following a large multi-agency rescue in 2019 involving over 100 horses.

We took her and her foal, Ilyssa, along with three other mares and two foals who had all suffered extensive neglect. Our work began immediately to bring them all back to health.

Inula was underweight, malnourished and had life threatening liver issues when she arrived. Also, with so many horses to compete with, her survival instincts to eat when she could had caused her to be ‘food aggressive’.

She began to show signs of lameness so we put her on box rest. However, we remained concerned as she kept going lame every couple of days and she didn’t respond to our treatments. We decided to take x-rays to find out exactly what the problem was.

The x-rays revealed a small round air gun pellet which coincided with a lump on her pastern. It was clear that Inula had been shot in the hoof with an air gun at some point in her life.

This was a shocking discovery. Unfortunately, animal cruelty of this kind is not uncommon – it’s sad to think of the neglect and abuse some of our equines have faced in the past.

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Horses who needed our help



Thoroughbred, Sammy was shockingly underweight on his arrival at the Sanctuary.

We did all we could to make him comfortable, but tests showed a failing heart and a serious kidney infection.

The kindest decision was made to put him to sleep and our grooms were with him to the end.



Ludo who was found abandoned and covered in engine oil. The oil had irritated his skin and it was almost impossible to clean off. We had to clip off his entire coat and bathe him to remove it all. He was also desperately underweight. We acted quickly to provide Ludo with the veterinary care he so urgently needed and thankfully he made a good recovery.

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Our pledge to protect ponies in need

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