New scheme to help owners to privately rehome their horses and ponies

May 24, 2021
New initiative to provide equine facilitated intervention for 4,000 ‘exhausted’ frontline workers
June 15, 2021

We’re launching a new scheme to help owners to privately rehome their horses and ponies.

Our successful rehoming initiative has enabled over 400 rescued horses and ponies to be loaned out to knowledgeable carers and we now wish to extend the principles of this scheme to support private rehoming. 

The Help to Home scheme provides practical support for owners who need to rehome their equine and ensure the most suitable home is found.  This includes helping to advertise the equine for rehoming and our experienced staff carrying out pre-checks to assess the horse’s individual needs, support to prepare the horse for rehoming and screening applicants.  

Syra Bowden,  senior director of equine says: “We really want to help to home horses in a way that supports horse owners and looks out for the best interests of their horse, and ultimately prevents the need for a welfare intervention longer term.   

“We’re drawing on all our skills and experience of rehoming our own rescued horses into good homes to ensure people trying to privately rehome have the same successes as we do. 

“Our biggest strength is helping owners to rehome horses with more complex needs such as a horse with an ongoing health condition or behavioural issue.  We can support the owner in preparing their horse to be rehomed and help find a suitable home, because this is what we do every day with rescued horses through our own rehoming scheme.” 

For more information, to register your horse in the Help to Home scheme or to see horses available visit www.mareandfoal.org/help-to-home/