Help us build a home for our horses and ponies with complex needs

We have been making a difference to the lives of horses, ponies and foals for over 30 years. This year we are raising £600,000 for a very special project – a new high intensity welfare unit for our rescued horses and ponies with ongoing health care needs.

This dedicated page will give you an insight into why this project is needed and how your support could make a real difference to our most vulnerable horses and ponies by helping us build them a permanent, purpose-built home. We hope that building work will commence this summer.

If you would like to support our high intensity welfare unit project you can donate here*

A permanent legacy for our 30th anniversary

This new home will replace the ‘American Barn’ which was demolished in 2020 due to subsidence on our site and will accommodate horses and ponies in need following the closure of our South Manor Sanctuary near Newton Abbot in 2021. The new barn will house horses and ponies whose needs mean that they cannot easily be cared for elsewhere.

The Rosemary Kind Barn

We will be calling this new building the Rosemary Kind Barn in memory of our founder who died earlier this year. We think this will be a fitting way to commemorate Rosemary’s work and her vision of sanctuary for life for the smallest, weakest and most easily overlooked equines.

An opportunity to create a better world for equines and the people that love them

A safe space

The barn will contain 13 stables that can house 25 horses and ponies. We will also create crew barns which will allow some of the ponies to be housed together in small groups instead of in individual stables. This promotes natural herd behaviour and allows mutual grooming and more interaction. Each stable will have direct access to the fields which will make it easier for ponies with laminitis and other hoof-related conditions.

We received full planning permission for this project in April and the estimated cost for the build is approximately £600,000. Your support will allow us to progress the build and give a permanent home to equines with ongoing, manageable health issues.

Once complete the barn will provide:

  • an ideal environment for our horses and ponies with the most complex health care needs
  • a gentle floor with a suitable gradient for older ponies with decreased mobility
  • a permanent home for 25 rescued horses and ponies
  • crew barns that can stable small groups of ponies together to promote natural herd behaviour
  • handling areas for training and rehabilitation which can often be a long process for horses and ponies that have expressed trauma
  • staff with shower and toilet facilities and a space to rest during breaks
  • a more sustainable future at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary by increasing tree planting and maximising the possibility of rainwater harvesting for feed troughs
  • a space for students to learn about caring for equines with complex needs ensuring the equine community of the future has the skills it needs to support these creatures

Thank you for supporting the project

We are incredibly grateful to the following donors who have donated so generously towards the project:

The Pets at Home Foundation – £90,000

The Ivo Trust – £50,000

Mandy Thornton Memorial Trust – £50,000

SEIB Giving – £7,000

Mrs D M France-Hayhurst Foundation – £5,000

Petplan Charitable Trust – £5,000

We will be recognising all of the wonderful supporters who donate to this project on our website.

*We are raising funds for a high intensity welfare unit at our Coombe Park Equestrian and Education Centre. If for any reason we can’t progress with this project or there are surplus funds left over, we will use your donations to fund the general activities of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, including the rescue and care of our horses and ponies.

Progress so far...

American barn is demolished

The high-intensity welfare unit will replace the ‘American Barn’ which was demolished in 2020 due to subsidence on our site and accommodate horses and ponies in need following the closure of our South Manor Sanctuary near Newton Abbot in 2021.

Temporary stabling erected

In 2021 temporary stabling was erected at the site to house 20 ponies from South Manor, and the American barn, as they await permanent residence in the new high intensity welfare unit.

Planning permission secured

We received full planning permission for this project on 7 April 2022 and we expect the project to begin in summer 2022.