Advice and Support

We provide advice and support to horse owners or people who are thinking about getting a horse or pony. We also offer support to smaller equine welfare sanctuaries and other equine professionals.

Our Equine Team has more than 30-years’ specialist experience to call upon and, following advice from our vets, we’ve dealt with every kind of injury, illness and equine management or behaviour problem.

We’re here to offer no shame advice and help with any horse or pony questions or issues you might have, to help improve the health and welfare of horses and ponies wherever they might be and no matter how well cared for.

We’re always happy to be a sounding board for your worries or concerns about caring for your horse.

Contact our Equine Team by calling 01626 355969 or equine@mareandfoal.org

Last year, we provided advice and support to 164 owners – resulting in positive welfare outcomes.


The Confident Horse

The CONFIDENT Horse is our new training series, designed by our skilled and experienced team, to share our knowledge and methods for the benefit of all horses and their owners or carers. 

Liv and Quest

Essential Welfare Advice

Horse care can change throughout the year and can depend on weather and available grazing. Use our checklist to make sure you’re ready for each season.


Training and Support

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