Our non-judgemental telephone service is available to all horse and pony owners who need advice and support. We are also here for anyone who is thinking about getting a horse or pony. The number is 01626 355969 and all calls are treated in confidence.

The helpline is staffed by our specialist equine team from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

With more than 30 years’ specialist experience to call upon, we have dealt with every kind of injury, illness and equine management or behaviour problem.

We have a no-shame approach, providing advice and help with any horse or pony questions people might have. We want to help improve the health and welfare of horses and ponies wherever they might be and no matter how well cared for.

Syra Bowden, Director of Equine says: “Within the last 12 months we have provided advice and support to 171 individuals, resulting in positive outcomes for all concerned.  Knowing how much help we can offer, we wanted to put our service on an official footing with our first ever dedicated helpline. This will mean we can support many more horse and pony owners in the future.

“We’re always happy to be a sounding board for your worries or concerns about caring for your horse.”


Call our advice and support helpline on 01626 355969

Confidentiality Policy:

Our Welfare Outreach and Advice team offer a non-judgemental helpline to provide advice and support to the general public about subjects related to equine welfare via telephone calls, emails or other social media platforms.

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary respects the right to confidentiality of any callers and contacts that approach us as part of this helpline scheme. You can view our Confidentiality Policy here.