Rescued pony Pringle is currently undergoing sarcoid treatment and thanks to the combined efforts of our sanctuary vet and knowledgeable grooms, Pringle’s health is improving through the successful delivery of his unique treatment plan.

Sarcoids are the most common type of skin tumour in horses and are caused by the Bovine Papilloma virus, usually transmitted by biting flies. Some horses can be more predisposed to developing sarcoids so not all horses will develop them as a result of exposure to the virus.

The condition is unique to equines. There are different types of sarcoids; nodular, verrucose, fibroblastic, malignant and mixed. They can be very different in appearance and how fast they grow (or don’t).  It is always important to seek veterinary attention if you suspect your horse has a sarcoid as each case is different and recommended treatment will depend on many factors including the type of sarcoid and where on the body they are located. While some sarcoids are not immediately problematic for the horse, there can be a risk to other horses if they are open or weeping as this can attract flies which can spread them.  Early treatment is likely to be much more successful.

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