Mare and Foal Sanctuary accepted onto UK HETI Human Equine Interaction Register

July 25, 2022
Pops and Olly
August 8, 2022
On 1 August 2022, we were delighted to learn that the Mare and Foal Sanctuary’s Equine Assisted Services have been accepted onto The UK HETI Human Equine Interaction Register (HEIR).
HEIR aims to bring together all people involved in the field of human equine interaction, ensuring high quality service provision and creating greater awareness of this field of work.  The Register acts as a helpful resource for service users to make informed choices, service commissioners, funders, practitioners and anyone wishing to find out more about equine assisted or facilitated programmes in the UK. Those on the Register have demonstrated that they have both human and equine welfare at the heart of what they do.
Our vision is to create a sense of sanctuary for people through our Equine Assisted Services within our sanctuary for rescued horses and ponies.  Find out more about our Equine Assisted Services here.
Equine assisted learning session