December 11, 2019
December 11, 2019

When our Upcott Park Yard Manager, Tracey, went out to check on one of our herds, she knew something was wrong;

May was not acting like her usual self and looked really uncomfortable. Tracey brought her into the stable, where May became agitated and repeatedly threw herself on the floor.

Fortunately, Tracey had already recognised the symptoms of colic, and quickly called in the vet. We were told that May needed an urgent operation but that there was only a 30—40% chance of survival.

The operation cost more than £6,000 but we knew that it was well worth the money to give her even the smallest chance to live a healthy and happy life. May subsequently travelled to a specialist colic unit, where 16 inches of her small intestine were removed.

Incredibly, the operation has shown really positive results and May was back to her normal self in no time at all. Tracey still keeps her under close observation and May continues to live a happy life and is now best friends with Shetland Matilda. Without her life-saving treatment, May would not still be with us today.

We go to these lengths because we believe – like you – that as sentient beings and our close companions, all horses and ponies deserve our kindness and care. These are the ‘miracles’ you make possible.


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