Meet Tremain – the former Bodmin stallion training to become a great little riding pony

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Meet Tremain – the former Bodmin stallion training to become a great little riding pony


Tremain is one of our greatest success stories and a true example of the amazing work our horse care team does every day.

He was a weak, three-year-old unhandled stallion when he first arrived at the Sanctuary – taken from Bodmin Moor with 25 other ponies following a grazing crisis.

Overcrowding, over-breeding and terrible weather conditions had left barely no grass and dozens of the ponies were found starving and close to death. Only one young colt died, suffering major liver and organ failure – too poorly to save.

Head of Equine Sally Burton said: “They were very weak and some had problems that needed immediate veterinary care. But these little ponies are immensely tough and extremely brave. They fought their way back to full health.”

Tremain was given time to grow stronger and settle in with his new herd before he was gelded and his training began in earnest, gently at first with tiny steps – getting used to a head collar, being led, groomed and generally handled.

  mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-tremaon-bodmin-stallion-training  mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-tremaon-bodmin-stallion-training

The 12hh pony learned that having his feet picked out, going for walks in the lanes, meeting traffic, loading, vet checks and nights in a warm stable were all things he could handle – admirably.

And he became a firm favourite with everyone at the Sanctuary thanks to his curious nature, following the grooms around the field or yard, genuinely interested in everything going on around him.

Equine Administrator Gillian Gratton said: “He’s such a great character. He’s hilarious and loves to carry things around, from buckets to play balls.

“He’s also a quick learner and is really enjoying his training. We’re starting off slow but he absolutely loves it. Tremain has a great attitude – not just for learning the ropes but life in general.”


This gutsy little pony is now being slowly backed, getting used to the bridle and bit and the feel of the saddle and rider.

And he seems to love the challenge, boldly taking on each new task and enjoying the attention he gets with every new milestone.

Eventually he will find his forever home as a fantastic child’s riding pony – not bad for a feral, bedraggled stallion off the moor.

All it takes is time, a willing boy like Tremain and rivers of patience from our horse care team.

And it really is worth it…