A Happy ending for Hattie

Horse with staff

A Happy ending for Hattie

Hattie came off the moors following the autumn drift. She was very nervous, and it has taken a great deal of training over the last few years to help her feel comfortable around people.

This extensive training was vitally important at the end of last year when it became clear that Hattie had a serious and painful ulcer on her eye. Thanks to Hattie’s training she was able to be safely examined by the vet, something which wouldn’t have been possible when she first arrived.

After unsuccessful attempts to treat the eye medically, the decision was made to remove it. Hattie recovered so well following the operation that the Sanctuary Care team and vet decided she could finally be rehomed as a companion pony. Her new carer, Suzanne, says: “Hattie has become great friends with my ridden horse, Honey, and they’re now inseparable. With only having one eye she does have a few difficulties, but she’s as good as gold. Although she’s only been here a short time, it’s as if she’s been here for years. She’s really made herself at home.”

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