First foal of 2020 born captured on film

First foal of 2020 captured on film

First foal of 2020 born captured on film

The first foal of 2020 has been born at our Sanctuary and captured on film. The arrival of Lotte’s foal comes at a time when we have already made significant work adjustments during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lotte was rescued as the result of an RSPCA prosecution case.  Her colt, named Lio, was born on Thursday 23 April and mother and son are doing well.  We were delighted to capture the birth on camera.

Lotte arrived with a small group of pregnant mares relinquished as part of a multi-agency rescue led by the RSPCA.  The case resulted in the prosecution of Ann Sim at the North Devon Equine Rescue in Barnstaple, for causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

The pair join 220 resident horses and ponies who require our expert care at six sanctuaries across Devon.

Over half of our workforce are either working from home (13%) or have been furloughed (43%) since the Coronavirus crisis began as there has been a significant reduction in our income.

This just leaves small teams of grooms going in each day to provide this expert care, working in split shifts so they don’t come into contact with each other. This is in order to protect the NHS, and the health of staff and their families.

At a time where new life is beginning at the Sanctuary for Lio, we have launched a special appeal, reflecting on the work that must continue during this crisis.

Our Chief Executive, Sarah Jane Williamson said:

“We are a strong team, but the future is uncertain, and we need help from our loyal supporters at this worrying time.  We are thankful Lotte has given birth to her foal in the safety of our sanctuary. She was in a very poor condition when she arrived and has needed our expert care.

“Last year we rescued more horses than ever, in more complex circumstances. We don’t have extensive reserves and horses are costly animals to care for, especially ours which require specialist handling and retraining or ongoing veterinary medicines and care.”

Other ways that we have had to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic includes: temporarily closing all six of our charity shops; staying in contact with our yard teams via weekly webinars; introducing virtual coffee mornings and yard tours for supporters to stay connected; and liaising with the carers of 446 sanctuary horses in loan homes via phone and email.

We are now calling on the public to support our cause.  Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Donate to the special appeal launched today
  2. Follow the charity’s official social media pages – Facebook and Twitter
  3. Register your interest in rehoming a rescue horse or pony
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