Laser treatment for Chesney

Horse with staff

Laser treatment for Chesney

Chesney is an 18-year-old chestnut pony. When she first arrived with us she was very scared. Whilst she is still a little nervous, her sweet nature has really started to shine. She has even developed a strong bond with another Dartmoor mare at the sanctuary. Unfortunately, Chesney has recently suffered with some health issues.  

In 2020 the vet spotted two sarcoids on her right hindquarters. Sarcoids are a type of skin tumour that can form anywhere but are often found on the head, groin and where the legs meet the body. They account for around 40% of all equine cancers. The tumours do not normally spread to other organs, but horses who have them often have more than one.  

Due to her nervous nature the cream-based treatment was not an option as it would have to be applied daily and would make her quite sore. It was decided that Chesney would need laser surgery to remove the sarcoids at our Beech Trees vet and welfare facility. This was the best option as it is a one-off treatment. The surgery went very well and she made an excellent recovery.  

Unfortunately, in June 2021 more sarcoids were spotted.  

Chesney had laser surgery on these new sarcoids in late summer 2021 and has once again made a good recovery. She is now back out in the fields. Chesney’s future is still uncertain, but she will always have life-long sanctuary and loving care for as long as she needs it.

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