Life changing surgeries for Foxy Loxy and Murphy

Horse with surgery patch

Life changing surgeries for Foxy Loxy and Murphy

Our dedicated veterinary team have performed life changing surgery to many of our horses and ponies this year at Beech Trees, our veterinary and welfare centre. As well as being the first port of call for all new arrivals, it is a fully equipped veterinary hospital with its own operating theatre which means we can treat horses and ponies onsite, like Foxy Loxy and Murphy.

Foxy Loxy’s Kissing Spine surgery

Foxy Loxy is an eight year-old chestnut roan mare who was voluntarily signed over to our charity as part of a large herd rescue.

In late April Foxy Loxy underwent Kissing Spine surgery to reduce back pain. X rays revealed that seven of her vertebrae were causing her discomfort because the space between them had reduced until they were rubbing against each other. Our vet Richard carried out the surgery which went well. After the surgery, Foxy Loxy was kept on box rest and taken for two short walks a day for exercise. She received regular check-ups and bandage changes, and our staff monitored her food and medication.

We’ve recently reassessed her gait and are pleased that she is looking more comfortable at walk and trot. She is now enjoying longer walks 4-5 times a week and her improvement continues to be monitored.

Murphy’s lump removal

Murphy is a black Moorland gelding who came to the Sanctuary in 2018.

Through regular grooming, we noticed a lump had formed under the skin at the top of Murphy’s tail. Our veterinary team performed initial scans and decided he needed surgery to remove the mass. It was removed successfully and we sent a biopsy off to the lab for analysis.

We’re pleased to say that there was no evidence of malignant cells but we will continue to monitor Murphy to ensure no more lumps appear. He was put on box rest and allowed two short walks a day after his surgery. His dressings were changed regularly and he’s made a great recovery in our care.

With responsibility for the care and welfare of over 600 rescued horses and ponies who usually have health issues, we expect to spend in the region of £180,000 on veterinary costs a year. Your continued support enables us to provide this life changing surgery to horses like Foxy Loxy and Murphy. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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