River & Ruby

River and RUby

River & Ruby

Ruby was part of the largest rescue operation the Mare and Foal Sanctuary had ever led.

We knew as soon as we arrived on scene that Ruby was in danger and we had to act fast.

On a small holding on the edge of Bodmin, a herd of ponies had grown out of control, leading to an extremely dangerous situation. Stallions were running wild and young colts were attacking other ponies. The panicking mares were terrified and trying to protect their foals as best they could.

Numbers had grown too great and the horses and ponies were battling for space and food resources. Tragically, a foal had already died in the chaotic conditions.

Ruby herself was pregnant and, standing at only 9.1hh, she was one of the many vulnerable mares of the pack. She also already had a foal, Logan, at foot. In May 2019 Ruby and Logan came into Sanctuary and Logan completed his weaning. Ruby then gave birth in the Sanctuary to lovely foal River. We’re happy to report that all three are now thriving.

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