Vogue joins the adoption team

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Vogue joins the adoption team

A new pony is joining the adoption team. Vogue arrived at the sanctuary in 2019 with her foal, Vagabond, and three other mares and their foals following a large multi-agency rescue.

Our adoption ponies are a group of four equines living long term at the sanctuary. Supporters can follow their progress and receive regular updates. Megan Daubany-Nunn, Adoptions and Individual Giving Manager, shares how important Vogue is to the team: “We are delighted to have her on the adoption team – she’s definitely worth her weight in gold. Even if you can’t actually own or care for a horse yourself, you can help play the biggest role in their lives by adopting.”

Vogue’s journey has not always been an easy one. Beth Orchard-Mitchell, Team Leader, explains: “When she arrived with us, Vogue was in serious need of care and attention to help her thrive again. She hadn’t been handled very much and wasn’t used to people. It has been a rewarding journey for the whole team to see her grow in confidence and health. Now she is very affectionate, even resting her head on anyone who gives her a good scratch in the right spot.”

Her foal, Vagabond, is now grown and we hope to rehome him through our Sanctuary at Home scheme. Meanwhile, Vogue has settled into life at the sanctuary and shown herself to be a real asset to the Equine Assisted Services team which works with people in the community. She now joins in around one to two Equine Assisted Services sessions a month partnering with students for equine assisted learning and grooming. Beth says: “She loves being with people and finds these sessions as rewarding as the students. We’re very lucky.”

Interested in adopting Vogue? See below for information on how you can support her.

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To adopt Vogue or one of her friends please click below or contact the charity’s Supporter Services team on 01626 882660.

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