We’re unlocking a world of natural, wild beauty where ponies and people who were struggling can enjoy life again.

Our Mission
Here at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, we are dedicated to developing deeper knowledge and better practice in all of the work we do. This includes our online shop. Ware committed to finding sustainable products to create a better future for equines, people, and the planet.

Our products are reusable, meaning you can use and enjoy them again and againWhere possible, our products are plasticfree, made from organic or recycled materials and able to be recycled at the end of their lives. Recycling your Mare and Foal Sanctuary products means less waste going to landfill. 

Trees For Life
We also offset the production and distribution of some our products through Trees for Life. To date, we have planted 12 trees in our partnership with Pink Sheep. Read more about their work rewilding the Scottish Highlands here. 

Purple Cup

Supply Chain
We try throughout the supply chain to reduce wasteminimising the use of and recycling any single use plastics. All products sent out to you will have minimal packaging, all of which you will be able to reuse or recycle. Where possibleour products are made in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint  

Shop Second Hand
We also sell second hand and donated goods through our charity shops and our eBay page. You can find information such as addresses and opening times for our charity shops here. If you are interested in shopping second hand but cannot make it to one of our charity shops, our eBay shop is updated daily and can be found here.  

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