Our grooms get lovely messages of support

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October 15, 2018
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October 31, 2018
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Our grooms get lovely messages of support


Thank you to all our wonderful supporters for sending such lovely messages of support to our hardworking stable staff.

They do such a fantastic job every day – braving often terrible weather, mucking out mountains of poo and training horses and ponies who would rather be out in their fields.

mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-staff-messages-supporters-amy-dearlove-poppy-nobby   mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-staff-messages-supporters-amy-dearlove-fin   

They work tirelessly, are often covered in bruises and regularly get soaked through to the skin, so we asked our loyal band of followers to send a few anonymous messages to cheer them up – and the response was amazing.

More than 1,000 people wrote in and here are just a handful of their heartwarming messages – alongside photos of our grooms with some of their favourite horses and ponies, past and present:

“I think you all do a marvellous job. I admire anyone who has the dedication to care for animals and your dedication to these lovely horses is fantastic. Well done!”

“I can see your staff do a wonderful job and without their devotion there would be a lot more horses in dire circumstances. I praise you all.”


“I have been a supporter of the Mare & Foal for many years. Thank you for the loving care you all take looking after all of the ponies and horses. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.”

“You should be very proud that you are doing such a great job. I feel sure that the animals are thankful for what you do.”

“Thank god that people like you exist. It’s such great work that you do. I wish I could do more but I do what I can. Thank you so much for loving these wonderful animals.”

 mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-staff-messages-supporters-charlie-palmer-oregano   mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-staff-messages-supporters-charlie-palmer-oregano

“I am amazed to read of all you do to ensure the welfare of your horses and ponies. It is super to read of the great success and it’s all down to a super team!”

“To all of you who are involved in the care of these beautiful animals, you should feel really proud of yourselves. Thanks to you all for the love, care and attention showered on these lovable, loving animals. Thank God for people like your team.”


“I admire you all for the tremendous work you’re all doing. It must be heartbreaking to see some of the horses when you just take them in but so rewarding with the results. Please carry on with your work, you are a tremendous team of people. Thank goodness there are such kind, hardworking people as you.”

Thank you all so much for taking the time to write in…it really means the world to us.