Our Puzzle Man inundated with new jigsaws

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February 13, 2019
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March 1, 2019
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Our Puzzle Man inundated with new jigsaws


Remember our wonderful Puzzle Man Chris Coles, who checks all our jigsaws to make sure no pieces are missing?

Well, after making it into the local papers and telly, he’s been inundated with new puzzles – and he couldn’t be happier.

Here he is surrounded by new jigsaws at our Babbacombe charity shop where he volunteers for the Sanctuary.

mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-chris-cole-puzzle-man-babbacombe-jigsaw    mare-foal-sanctuary-devon-chris-cole-puzzle-man-babbacombe-jigsaw

He said: “They’ve been coming in every day and it’s really been keeping me busy,” he said. “It’s been great and I feel like a bit of a celebrity. People have been saying hello to me in the street.

“Thanks to everyone who has been donating these great jigsaws. They should keep me nice and busy.”

The 72-year-old estimates he has completed a staggering 7,000 over the last 20 years and he totally gets the bitter disappointment of a gap in the middle of a 1,500 tile jigsaw – and the hours of quiet determination needed to finish it.

He added: “A very large, complicated puzzle can take over 20 hours and I often spend ten hours a day at it.”

What would we do without him?

For more on Chris’s story visit  https://bit.ly/2LsaoxK