The Mare and Foal Sanctuary rescues horses and ponies that have been abandoned, neglected or abused.

Our rescue work is focused in the South West but as part of the National Equine Welfare Council we collaborate locally and nationally with the RSPCA and larger equine welfare charities.

The number of horses and ponies requiring crisis intervention continues to grow. We are now taking in more groups of horses and ponies at once from difficult and complex rescue situations.  These groups are coming in with higher levels of need for specialist care and longer recovery times.

We do welfare outreach, give non-judgemental advice and no shame support to any horse or pony carer, but we are also able to step in and give formal advice. We know that there is not one right way of caring for equines, but we do have expert understanding of and can educate people in the physical, psychological and social needs of horses and ponies.

The rescues we’re involved in

Multi-agency rescue interventions

Our rescues are often in collaboration with the RSPCA and larger equine welfare charities.  These interventions can mean taking in large groups and with higher levels of need for specialist care.

Reports from the public

We treat calls from members of the public seriously and confidentially.  Our rescues have included ponies abandoned on industrial estates to orphan foals.

Owners who can’t cope

It could be a change of circumstance, an inexperienced person who has inadvertently got into problems, or a horse with behaviours the owner cannot deal with.


How we’re trying to help

We need to continue to educate the public to prevent future welfare issues.

We also need to reach out to people who have horses and ponies, including smaller sanctuaries, who may get into difficulty in future so that they know they can come to us for help before a problem becomes a crisis.