Our specialist care

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary provides specialist care for all horses and ponies, but we have particular experience in:

  • Managing and training feral, semi-feral or unhandled horses and ponies
  • Coping with horses and ponies that others cannot deal with in terms of behaviour. We give them specialist recovery care and train them so that they’re suitable for loan homes in the future
  • Care of mares in foal and orphaned or abandoned foals or youngstock
  • Creating a value for smaller, weaker, previously injured or older equines through appropriate recovery and training as companions or suitable for active life in agility, lead rein and ridden activities
  • Picking up the pieces when inexperienced people have inadvertently got into problems having bought ponies thinking that they are easy to care for because they are small. This can be the case when ponies are kept by inexperienced owners privately at home as opposed to at a managed livery yard, where excellent help and advice is usually available.
  • For many equines we are the end of the line. We are the last option.

We do welfare outreach, give non-judgemental advice and no shame support to any horse or pony carer, but we are also able to step in and give formal advice. We know that there is not one right way of caring for equines, but we do have expert understanding of and can educate people in the physical, psychological and social needs of horses and ponies.

Icon’s film demonstrates the specialist care we can provide