Our Work

Lifelong Sanctuary

Care for life is provided through our network of knowledgeable carers and also in our peaceful sanctuaries for the horses and ponies whose needs mean that they cannot easily be cared for elsewhere.

two horses running together
volunteer with horse


For every equine we rescue, we must also ensure they have lifelong care. Our carers who rehome through our Sanctuary at Home scheme are a group of very special people who help make this possible for over 400 horses and ponies today.

Equine Assisted Services

We provide human-equine interaction through equine assisted learning and equine assisted activities with our rescued horses and ponies to children, young people and adults in our community.

volunteer with horse
two volunteers with pony

Advice and Resources

We’re here to offer no-shame advice and help with any horse or pony questions or issues you might have. We help improve the health and welfare of horses and ponies wherever they might be and no matter how well cared for.

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Visit Our Sanctuary

Connect with our rescued horses and ponies, hear their back stories and meet the knowledgeable grooms who care for them.
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Get Some Advice

We provide advice and support to horse owners or people who are thinking about getting a horse or pony. We also offer support to smaller equine welfare sanctuaries and other equine professionals.
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Support the Charity

We rely entirely on donations and legacy gifts to carry out our work. A donation today can help to sustain our ability to offer sanctuary for horses and ponies.
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