Poo-pick-a-thon challenge for Highweek cubs

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On Monday 28th March, the 1st Highweek cubs took on a mighty poo-pick challenge to help raise money for rescued horses and ponies at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary.

The average horse will poo approximately eight times a day. This could weigh as much as 22kg per day. With over 170 horses and ponies in our care, we needed the support of the amazing Highweek cubs, who always do their best.

The cubs competed in small teams to scoop as much manure as they could in 10 minutes. They then took their laden barrows to the weighbridge to find out how many kilos they managed to gather. Every team was given an award following their challenge and the team who scooped the most won a prize.

The cubs were sponsored by friends, families and supporters of the Mare and Foal Sanctuary to raise money to support us in making a difference to the lives of rescued horses and ponies in need. The children also had the chance to make some enrichment activities for the horses and ponies and have a tour of our Honeysuckle sanctuary.

Community Engagement and Events Officer, Scarlett Moon, says: “The cubs were amazing. They collected over 300kg of horse manure between them and impressed our yard staff with how hard they worked. It’s so important for us to be able to invite groups like the cubs to our sanctuaries to learn about our work as these are the animal owners of the future.”

So far, the cubs have raised over £280. If you would like to support these brave cubs, you can still donate.

All money raised will go directly to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary.