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“South Manor is the best place for all her complex needs as we have to keep a close eye on her breathing. But, in spite of her age and problems, she seems to be enjoying her twilight years.”

Poppy is one of the Sanctuary’s older residents, but you’d never know it from her cheeky and energetic nature. And her sweet temperament has made her Sanctuary vet Richard Frost’s favourite pony .

Poppy is only 9hh but, at 23 years young, she has a zest for life which belies her advancing years, breathing and dental problems.

As Poppy has gotten older, she’s developed RAO, or Recurrent Airway Obstruction – an umbrella term used to describe progressive lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma.

But South Manor groom Lindsey Stride said despite having loose teeth removed and having to use a nebuliser little Poppy doesn’t let anything get her down.

“She’s our vet Richard Frost’s favourite pony because she seems to understand we’re trying to help her and is always so sweet natured.”
“She really has got a heart of gold and is so trusting of us. She’s an absolute sweetheart and really easy going. And like all little Shetlands she loves her food.”