Pre-homing Visits

When you’ve reserved your Sanctuary horse, you’ll be able to book your Pre-homing Visit. This means that a Loan Home Visitor from the Sanctuary will come and meet with you at the place you’ve chosen to keep the horse, whether that’s your own land, rented land or livery.


During the visit, the Loan Home Visitor needs to see any grazing or housing that will be available to the horse when they come to live with you. The main things they will be looking for are that the area is safe for the horse, and that it is suited to the horse’s individual needs.

If your Loan Home Visitor has any concerns about the premises, they will discuss this with you on the day. It doesn’t mean we’ll automatically decide you can’t rehome the horse! You’ll be given advice on what work needs to be carried out or any changes that need to be made in order for the grazing or housing to be considered suitable. We can keep your horse reserved for you while you arrange any work to be completed within a reasonable timeframe, but we are not able to reserve horses indefinitely.

Here are a few things you can look for yourself, before the Pre-homing Visit. If the premises are new to you, it’s important that you have made yourself familiar with the areas that will be used for your horse.

Stables/housing/field shelters

  • Stables/shelter are adequate size for the horse you’ve reserved
  • Stable doors open and close properly
  • No sharp edges, nails sticking out or anything the horse could injure itself on
  • There is an appropriate water supply

Grazing land

  • Amount and type of grazing is suited to the horse you’ve reserved
  • No dangerous objects in the field, such as vehicles/farm machinery, sharp items etc
  • Fencing is safe and secure along the whole perimeter, and suitable for the horse you have chosen. If you’ve chosen a small pony, they are much more likely to be able to sneak through gaps that larger horses would ignore!
  • No poisonous plants. If you’re unsure about certain plants, ask our advice.
  • There is an appropriate water supply.
  • There is an equine companion for your Sanctuary horse.

The Sanctuary has a limited amount of time and resources and because of this, we’d like to only have to do one Pre-homing visit for your horse.

If we have to do multiple visits, we reserve the right to charge you for the travel costs associated with this.