August 23, 2019
August 23, 2019
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Quattro is a rescue pony

Poor little Quattro had an absolutely terrible start in life. He was emaciated when he was found in 2007 as a foal – alone and starving on Dartmoor, orphaned or abandoned for a reason we will never know.

His owner, one of Dartmoor’s many farmers, contacted the Sanctuary to take him in – giving Quattro the first break of his young life.

But it soon became clear he was in for a battle, suffering from numerous health issues, including malnutrition, leg problems, dental pain and cataracts, which led to the eventual removal of his left eye.

Groom Amy Dearlove said: “He is such a sweet and playful pony. He was hand-reared so he’s a real people person and loves to get involved in everything going on around him.

“But he’s suffered his whole life with his health, including stifle issues that have left him with intermittent lameness for most of his life.”

“But considering what happened to him when he was really little, and the trauma he must have suffered, he’s such a friendly and happy little chap. Even losing an eye didn’t seem to faze him. He just happily gets on with life.”

Clever Quattro did really well with his training and was out on loan for several years but his continuing lameness and the removal of his eye in 2014 made it difficult to find him a permanent home.

Which is why he’s living a full and happy life at South Manor, where Amy works hard to keep him mobile and pain free.

She said: “It’s been months since he had any lameness and we’re taking really good care of his teeth. As well as regular check-ups, if he starts losing weight or condition we immediately call the dentist.”

Handsome Quattro is just 12 – a little young to retire – but South Manor is the best place for a pony who needs such specialist care.

“For a pony like Quattro, with so many long-term issues, South Manor is the best place to be. He’s happy and we make sure he is never bored with our enrichment toys and regular walks around the lanes.”