Raise a Welfare Concern

We know that there is not one right way of caring for equines. We offer understanding and management expertise in the physical, psychological and social needs of horses and ponies based on the latest equitation and equine behavioural science.

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary offers equine welfare outreach, support and advice to horse and pony owners.  We are the largest equine welfare organisation working across communities in the South West peninsula.

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary supports people to raise welfare concerns in confidence. We then work with the owner to address the problems they are facing and make sure everything is properly followed up.

We offer non-judgmental, no-shame advice and outreach to owners who are struggling with their horses and ponies for whatever reason. Our aim is to keep the horse or pony with the owner whenever possible.

We don’t prosecute but we do actively intervene offering informal and formal advice notices if needed.

We work collaboratively with other welfare organisations. We are long-term members of the National Equine Welfare Council’s South West and Southern regions.

Contact us

Contact our Welfare Advice and Outreach Team on 01626 355969, by emailing equine@mareandfoal.org or by using the form below. All reports are treated with strictest confidence.

We are a member of the Helplines Partnership.

    Call our helpline on 01626 355969 for confidential advice and support