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November 2, 2003
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November 3, 2003
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Rehoming Centre – “Welcome” 

Want to rehome a horse? Read on!

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Our aim is to rehome horses into good, safe and caring homes when we feel they are ready. We retrain our horses to try and ensure they are safe and suitable for the majority of homes and if there are any problems we will make sure you understand before taking on the horse. Not all our horses can be rehomed because of age, illness, behavioral problems or simply as in the case of the Adoption Ponies because they have a job to do here!

We love all our horses and if our rehoming system sometimes feels strict, it’s only because we want the very best for our animals.

Some questions that seem to pop up often:

  • Why do we rehome? To put it simply, we cannot help as many horses and ponies if we keep them on our own premises. The costs involved are high, the space limited and we also think it’s better for the horse’s quality of life to be used – riding, driving, showing etc. The more horses we rehome successfully, the more we can rescue or help. Without our large and enthusiastic group of carers we could not have helped so many horses and ponies in need.
  • How much does it cost? Keeping a horse is expensive. Hay, feed, transport, veterinary costs, tack, bedding… The costs all mount up and if you’re not financially secure it may be better to wait until there is no doubt you can afford to keep a horse for the near future (We understand things change, but please do be realistic). We make you aware of this early for the horse’s sake – we don’t want to have to take the horse back and further unsettle them.
    We are fairly unusual in the Animal Welfare area in that we do not require a “Rehoming fee”, “Manditory Donation” or similar to rehome our animals. Some carers choose to donate, but we won’t pester you for a donation.
  • Would I then own the horse? No. Legal ownership of any horses belonging to the Mare & Foal Sanctuary stays with the Sanctuary. We do not, have not and never will sell or trade in horses. What you agree to, if you decide to rehome one of our horses, is a loan.
  • Could I loan the horse to a friend? No. The loan agreement is with you and you are responsible for the horse. It may be possible to create a new loan agreement for the horse with your friend, but they would have to apply and be approved – although it may be possible to do without moving the horse. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the loan agreement then please contact us.
  • What happens if I move house? You’ll need to let us know so we can homecheck your new fields and stables to ensure they’re safe for the horse.
  • Can I use the horse in a riding stables? No.
  • Can I keep your horse on its own? Sorry but no. Horses are herd animals and we insist they are kept with other horses.
  • Can I take the horse to shows and events? Yes, as long as the horse is capable, safe and confident.
  • What if I no longer want the horse? If you no longer wish to keep the horse for whatever reason, we will always take it back.
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