Become a Sanctuary at Home Carer

Becoming a Sanctuary at Home Carer means rehoming horses and ponies from our charity and helping provide a sanctuary at home for as many years as you can on a loan basis.    

Apart from a refundable £30 deposit for an equine passport, there is no charge to rehome horses and ponies through our Sanctuary at Home scheme.  By becoming a Sanctuary at Home Carer, you join a group of very special people who support The Mare and Foal Sanctuary in the most amazing way.

You’ll need to have the time to undertake routine care and provide the right space, which could be at your own home or a livery yard. You’ll also need the ability to commit to any routine or unexpected vet costs (see our FAQs for further information).    Your generosity in this way helps sustain our ability to offer sanctuary and enables space to be created for more us to rescue and rehabilitate more horses and ponies in need.

Horses and ponies rehomed through our Sanctuary at Home scheme always remain in the ownership of The Mare and Foal Sanctuary in order that we can safeguard the ongoing welfare of the equine.

Many of our Sanctuary at Home Carers tell us this gives them peace of mind should their circumstances change, and they can no longer provide sanctuary at home. The horse or pony can come back to us if they ever need to.

How to provide Sanctuary at Home

We have a dedicated team managing our Sanctuary at Home scheme and their job is to help find the right equine for you and then support you throughout your rehoming experience.

We welcome both novice and experienced Sanctuary at Home Carers and all those in between, because our horses and ponies have all been rescued and have their different needs too.  You will get our support and advice along the way whenever you need it.

For every equine, we keep extensive records about their health, behaviour and training.  It means that when he or she is ready for rehoming through our Sanctuary at Home scheme, you can be sure of what to expect from the equine we are recommending for you. We know them inside out and can support you to get to know them too.

Your first step is to complete an application form and tell us as much as you can about you, the sort of horse or pony you are looking for and the sort of home you can offer so we can find a special match for you. You will also need to acknowledge that you have read our Terms and Conditions.

You’re welcome to browse through some of the horses and ponies currently available and mention to us any you are particularly drawn to in your application.  However, for welfare reasons, some of our available equines are not listed so that’s why a full application form from you helps us to find the right match.

What happens after you apply?

  1. Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch to discuss what kind of horse or pony you’re looking for in more detail.
  2. We’ll work together to find the right horse or pony for you. You may be considering rehoming more than one – and we’re very happy about this, so just let us know.
  3. You’ll usually be invited to come and meet them at one of our sanctuaries to make sure this match is right for the horse or pony and for you.
  4. We’ll come and visit your home to ensure it is suitable and safe for our rescued equines, and that it meets the needs of the horse and pony we’ve matched for you.
  5. When everyone is happy, then your rehoming experience begins, and you’ll officially become a Sanctuary at Home Carer – joining a very special group of people supporting our charity in the most amazing way!