You’re welcome to browse through some of the horses and ponies currently available for rehoming and mention to us any you are particularly drawn to in your application.

We have a couple of initiatives within our Sanctuary at Home scheme to enable some of our more unique characters to be loaned out and enjoy all the benefits of rehoming too.  These are:

  • Prime Pastures – this scheme enables us to rehome horses and ponies with long-term medical conditions that are manageable.   You’ll be required to help support their condition with regular monitoring and we contribute towards the costs of their veterinary treatments.  Terms and conditions apply.
  • Foster – working alongside us to socialise and train young or rideable horses for future work in our education programmes.  You’ll help provide a home setting for these horses to mature before returning to the Sanctuary for further assessment.  We work closely with you to keep up to date records of their training, achievements, milestones, setbacks and all aspects of their care.  Terms and conditions apply.

For welfare reasons, some of our available equines are not listed so that’s why a full application form from you helps us to find the right match.

To help you become a Sanctuary at Home Carer, we have a dedicated team managing our scheme and their job is to help find the right equine for you and then support you throughout your rehoming experience.

Rehoming Highlights

Ridden Horse
JAZZ is being rehomed as a RIDDEN PONY Jazz is looking for a new home where she can be active as she loves nothing more than hacking out. She has a very sweet nature, is easy to handle but does […]
16 years old (Born 2006)
11.3HH (Approx 114.81cm)
Please get in touch if you would like to discuss more about our available horses and ponies and to find a match suitable for you.